Agriland farming solution

Revolutionizing Agriculture: Introducing Agriland Farming Solutions – Your Complete Farming Partner!

Agriland Farming Solutions is the farm and livestock management arm of AGRILAND Africa. We offer the following farming solutions;

Farm Labour Management & Training
Farm Technology Selection & Adoption
Farm Inputs and Machinery Supplies.

Agriland Farming Solutions provides a one-touch solution for farming ventures, right from professional advice on venture choice, feasibility study (including land and natural resources), cost-benefit analysis to farming plan, and overall farm management.

We have a team of experienced Agronomists and Farm managers who manage the investment on behalf of the farmers. Agriland Farming Solutions manages agri-clinics programs which seek to support agribusiness development and supplement efforts of the public extension officers

Agriland Farming Solutions undertakes management best practices of soil sampling and testing. We endeavour to expose our small-scale farmers to this practice to enable them to learn as much as possible about their soil to produce the best yields.

This includes knowing what nutrient deficiencies exist in their soil, the kind of pathogens that are likely to affect plant health, and what nutritional program best suits their soils Agriland Farming Solutions does farm audit preparations & mock audits and guides towards compliance. We provide compliance and quality management systems to keep farming businesses all-the time compliant with all the major GAP and Food Safety standards